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Originally posted by MattNW:
Has anyone tried SereneScreen on Windows Vista and does it work? Been afraid to try it myself. Last XP program I tried in Vista resulted in a complete system restore from backup disks.  
Hi Matt...I've been reading all these concerns over Vista and don't quite get the reasons for the problems people seem to be having. I have loaded a variety of programs into Vista that ran in my Windows 98 and Windows 2000 and of course Goldfish - none have given me any concerns that would make me think it was Vista's fault. Vista is finally a Windows manager that does a lot of work for the computer user, so I think a lot of these problems come from those who don't want to relinquish their role in using a computer. Me...the more the computer does the nitty-gritties the more time I have to do exactly what I want to do and not worry about the system's behind the scenes workings. And loading what you're calling an XP program is not what froze/crashed your system. Loading an unexceptable program will normally only result in Vista telling you that the program is unacceptable for your system. You back out - no harm done. I hope this helped....Really I don't understand all this frustration and fear of Vista?? It also lapses over into Microsoft's Office 2007...and that's an excellent program with some pretty fantastic features - Vista and Office 2007 are what computers are about - "the future" - computers doing the work us merely the spectators.....
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