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Still would like 3 screens wide...

I've read all through this thread, and am having NO problems, EXCEPT... I'm unable to put Serene Screen across my three monitors. By tweaking, etc., I can put it across two, but I find the limitation is the basic program...with a max of 1600 width. With my settings of 1024X768, my desktop is 3072X768. I'm currently running Serene Screen in the Wide Screen windowed mode, and it occupies 1600X768, or ~1.5 monitors. It runs well, looks good, and can be running in the background with all my programs....but I'd STILL like it to span all three monitors. I've taken many background screens, and modified them to span all three, in one continuous picture, and, not being a programmer, I'm not sure what it would take to do the same with Serene Screen, but it would seem that it's possible.

Aside from my 'personal problem', I love the program, and have from the beginning...thanks!

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