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Thanks for the answer, Splashy. I was hoping to find out if Windows 10 auto update process was not causing the key code loss like the way Windows 8.1 auto update is doing. However, if you did the Edger workaround before updating to Windows 10 then that would negate the inquiry.

Sure would be nice if Prolific would implement a fix in a downloadable version and let us know on this board when it is available. I asked a long time ago with no reply. Oh-well, sorry to say MA3 has lost the interest it once generated. But... I'll be one of the first to purchase an updated version with some of the often discussed things like more precise collision avoidance, individual behavior, creature packs, etc. if/when it does happen. I do wish Jim well, with MA3 he developed something magical that was ahead of it's time and was fun to be involved with it during the early days.
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