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as posted in that other thread:

Rift Lakes, Tanganyika Specifically:
Lots of rocks, few plants, tons of caves for the likes of Neolamprogous Brichardi to live in. Maybe some shells for a colony of N. Brevis. A couple Juliedacromis Dickfieldi swimming upside-down underneath said rocks (they don't orient themselves to gravity, rather their surroundings). Add a few L. Leleupi, a Cyphotilapia Frontosa, and a small group of Trophues Moorii, *grin*. If you can find it, the PBS special "Jewels of the Rift" will make you want a Tanganyika SereneScreen as much as I do. Maybe it's just because I have such a thing for cichlids. Hey, I can dream can't I?

Australian River tank:
Visible current from the right side of the monitor, bubbles traveling from right to left "down" stream. Different species of Rainbows swimming against the current and dropping back to rest behind rocks. Maybe more the idea of a river tank, not the population I described.

Amazonian Tributary:
I'm thinking the Rio Negro, Cardinal Tetras, Corydorus catfish, Discus, you name it, hundreds of beautiful fish live here! Slow flowing water, lots of plants... Maybe the occasional turtle, eh? I've got a video documentary from the discovery channel about the aquarium trade out of the Rio Negro, fascinating!!!

Asian Rice Patties:
Gouramis, Bettas, you get the idea... I don't have much experience with fish from this location.

Small African Lake/Pond:
One word: Killifish.
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