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Big Grin

this screencap is AN INSULT!

go check it virus on my free AVG8 scan.

I know at least 3 family members will get this for Christmas...if released.
I know 2 co-workers will get this for Christmas....
I know our department will get ....
k, maybe a little overboard

I think you guys outdid yourself... The corals is simply SPECTACULAR!

On to the negatives
I saw some jerkiness when some fishes collide....the lionfish was jerking when bumping to a coral on the way up...not side to side...something about it when its ascending and bumping into the coral...

I'm using a Saitek Eclipse USB KB, and able to adjust the volumes.

I had all fishes=30 fishes, lionfish (ILOVE) had 3 of them.

The corals...maybe someone can use FRAPS demo to capture it in motion, coz, the screencap is just not doing it justice....I'll past this to other PC forums so you can get more ppl's imput, hopefully help you along the way so we can get a Christmas list.

Awesome job...saving my pennies now
k sleepy time for me...will invite ppl to house to see this.
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