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Thanks for the compliment. I suggest though that almost all the cleverness involved (exclusive of all the cleverness in Marine Aquarium itself) should be attributed to the persons who spent a good part of their lives developing Linux, Ubuntu, Mint, Wine, and CrossOver to their present maturities, along with those who developed the many software products to use with them.

Lest this exercise be deemed confirmation of jleslie's view of Linux' unsuitability for general use presented earlier in this topic, my effort was to make a software program do something it wasn't intended to do. For most common personal computer tasks, Ubuntu and Mint are perfectly suitable operating systems, and require less installation time, less daily "maintenance" time, and particularly less malware countermeasure time than I had to expend when I used Windows.

But enough OS religious rant and back to the result. Once I obtained the new keycode, I turned on more fishes and showed my wife what the product looked like. She was amazed and became an instant fan in spite of hating computers.

Now to wait for an affordable 1000-gal tank proportioned high-resolution OLED monitor to allow a light weight, no spill, no work marine aquarium.

Thank you Jim for this magnificent art.

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