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Originally posted by JohnWho:
CurrentFishSet = 0;
NumFishSets = 1;
CycleFishSets = FALSE;  
CurrentFishSet=0 means "Whatever fish set is the first in your list of fish sets"
I have no idea what NumFishSets does. Jim?
Comments: (1) I don't understand why CycleFishSets should be set to False; (2) Ctrk-R is "Reset all to default settings", and just changing CurrentFishSet and NumFishSets really isn't setting the fish to "default". If it doesn't change the actuall fish selections/settings, then I suggest not messing with it at all.

Originally posted by JohnWho:
FrameRate = 60
LimitFrameRate = FALSE  
That's incorrect for 11k. Neither of those are changed by CTRL-R.
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