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You must groan every time you see a new post from me.

Alright, I turned off the 'use multiple CPUs' option and let it run again for a while. The fish again died and I carefully examined the Activity Monitor and didn't see an abnormal number of threads (and *none* for GA specifically, but that could be a function of how it runs as a screensaver).

I let them stay dead for a while and noticed a couple interesting things:

1) When the actual screensaver came on, *those* fish behaved just fine.
2) The "dead" fish in my wallpaper did bob about a bit (as I mentioned before) and would occasionally flicker and change from having the mouth completely closed to completely open. This makes me wonder if they're not dead, but somehow running extremely slow (and halted) relative to everything else. Shimmers still run across the plants, rocks, etc. at a normal rate while the fish are dead. It really just affects the fish themselves and the plants.

By the way, I keep giving updates simply because I find it interesting. Occasional dead fish resulting from using GA in an unapproved way aren't a big problem to me. I'm amazed at how responsive you guys have been, but if it's a choice between getting GA 2.0 for Mac out or banging your heads against your desks over my dead fish, I'd rather you spend the time on GA 2.
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