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Originally posted by Jim Sachs:
Well, except for the no-side-fin-movement, the new Android version seems completely ready. For the past several days I've been imploring them to put it on the Web, but they still want to search for more bugs. This is why I work alone.  
Hmm , it's been almost 2 months of Fin icking around . lol , having a little pun . Some developers put up betas for people to test . Giving the length of time its not worked on my Samsung going on 3 years, now on Nugut . Even if you put up the Beta here would be helpful , The Play Store also allows Betas but It would help public relations . The other thing , is Apple , Microsoft and Google are doing house keeping and removing apps that are not updated , this is what I've read . Hope the Aquarium hasn't dried up . Cheers !
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