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Originally posted by markknight:
PayPal is a third party payment method that we must have. I prefer to use PayPal just for the security in most of my personal transactions
Once anyone decides on that option, you are in their world not ours. Its is a HTTPS / SSL. We forward to them and hand off everything from that point on.
If you have no account you need to make one. Them not us.
Eventually we get paid  
Yes, I understand. I have a PayPal business account and have been using PayPal for several years. I really appreciate the fact that you are allowing PayPal payments.

My comment was meant to convey that as I recall, the Prolific panel only referred to creating an account. I don't recall seeing anything that said I could use my existing PayPal account. That was a bit bothersome to me ("hmmm - perhaps I can't use my existing account"). But I plugged along, and quickly found out that I could use my existing account.

It looked like Rainyfly and jedware had the same experience and "bother" (see their comments earlier).

Now, perhaps my recollection is wrong - and I sure can't easily go back and repeat the experience. But, if I remembered correctly, I suggest changing the wording to indicate that you can use your existing PayPal account and, if you don't have one, PayPal will create one for you.
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