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Yea, I just checked my join date and this October will be my ten year anniversary on the forum! Sorry for not popping in more frequently. Real life intrudes far too often. Quick off topic thread breaking recap:

January 2003 - Got married to highschool sweetheart

September 2006 - Traumatic emergency premature birth of first (and only) child. Little girl.

August 2009 - After renting for years, finally bought our first house. Dumped all savings into it.

August 2010 - Husband and sole breadwinner laid off. No more health coverage. Panic ensues.

November 2010 - Land part time job at a retail store for the holidays. Trip to the emergency room for pain worse than that of premature labor.

December 2010 - Scheduled gallbladder removal surgery. $64000.00 In medical debt. Laid off from retail job for missing too much work due to medical reasons.

January 2011 - Writing letter after letter, filling out form after form to try and get aid with medical bills. This took months of effort. Last bill finally resolved in May. Verbosely explained my whole story in an eight page letter to the hospital, anesthesiologist, surgeon and every other tom, dick and harry who looked at me sideways while I was in the hospital. Outlined my finances, included photo copies of all important documents that define who and what we are. They took pity and forgave us our debts. We cried with relief and groveled in gratitude.

March 2011 - Began writing that novel I had always intended to write, but could never find the time, after having no luck finding a job.

June 2011 - Unemployment is running out. 40k words of my story already written down and the outline is done to the rough ending. Probably won't sell and all I'll be able to say when I'm done is, "I wrote a book. Only my mother and a few close friends bought a copy, but I finally wrote the thing..."

Then one day I was just tired of living on a shoestring and took $50 out of the grocery budget to buy some stupid freshwater shrimp, a couple of guppies and some fish food so I could reactivate my old defunct aquarium that had just been cycling water for a small catfish, a slew of snails and some plants.

Which made me think of here, when times were good and we had a flush bank account instead of this anchor of a house, no savings and no income to speak of. I'm ready for something good to happen.
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