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Thumbs Down beautiful program!

This is the greatest program I've ever seen. I have it running as my desktop background using XBack, and it is simply gorgeous. Windows users are so jealous that I have it as my wallpaper! These fish are incredible... I love Marine Aquarium, but these cute little goldfish are so realistic it's amazing. I can't believe that this software costs only $15. I could watch my desktop for hours. Plus, chicks LOVE it. You wouldn't believe the reactions I've gotten from casual vistors to my home. It's like walking a cute little puppy down the street in front of a shoe store. Thanks, Serene Screen!

One thing... I would love for there to be a "slow bottom-dweller" like the starfish in Marine Aquarium. My suggestion: an aquatic hermit crab (yes, there are species that live under water). Hermit crabs are my favorite and they're popular pets... should be relatively easy to animate. They sleep all day, anyway!
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