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I would be concerned about the size of the tank if you are getting a pleco. Although there are dwarf varieties, the ones you usually find in pet stores can grow to be as large as 20 inches. Most household tanks are too small for them in the long run. Whenever I go to a fish store I find poor plecos that have been traded in for smaller fish. I find that very sad. Having said that, Plecos are very good at cleaning leaves, until they get too big. Just be sure to get a dwarf variety. They are usually a little more expensive though. I have one that I am quite fond of. I also have a red-tailed shark that does an excellent job of cleaning plant leaves. Otos are great fish, and they do a good job of cleaning the bottom of the tank. Not sure how good they are for cleaning plants though. Certain kinds of shrimp are good for certain kinds of cleaning. Unfortunately, my shark equates shrimp with popcorn. Some snails are good too, but be careful which ones you choose. Some will eat your plants as well, and some will infest your tank. I agree with the good doctor. Decreasing the light can help, but be careful, too little light will result in other kinds of growth. How long has the tank been running? Usually a newer tank will have algae problems that eventually go away. I have found that adding a few more plants helps too. They will outcompete the algae for nutrients. No matter what you do, you will still have to do a little extra cleaning to keep things really nice, but that's half the fun....isn't it?
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