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Cool Marine Aquarium 3.1 Now Available - Improved Clock, Calendar, Lighting

Marine Aquarium 3.3 is the newest version. Please go here for the announcement and download link.

Marine Aquarium 3.1

New Features
Background Colors (Day/Night) - The biggest change in Marine Aquarium 3.1 is the addition of a user interface for changing the background colors. Up to 6 sets of background colors are allowed, and you have total control over all of them. You set a timer for each color group to determine how long that set will be displayed before fading to the next.

Clock/Calendar Etching and Custom Colors - Users can now choose the clock/calendar colors on the crystal (and the appearance has been improved). They can also now choose an etched look.

Fading Logos - Many fans have been suggesting that the user-definable logos displayed in the crystal should fade smoothly to the next, instead of an abrupt transition. This has been added to v3.1.

Limit Frame Rate - The Limit Frame Rate setting has returned in Marine Aquarium 3.1, replacing the somewhat confusing Sleep adjustment.

Music Playlist - Numerous minor bugs have been fixed in the music playlist feature.

Some of these improvements have necessitated changes in keyboard shortcuts. To see a list of the updated keyboard shortcuts, press the SPACE bar and choose About.

F1 - Cycle next Background Color
Up/Down - Music Volume
Left/Right - Camera Pan Left/Right
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