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I guess it is worth noting that close up at 4K resolution, one can see some pixelation in certain elements of the scene. (We may have discussed this in some other thread.) The elkhorn coral is one example. Certain fishes seem to be more finely rendered than the coral. The scorpion fish needs some teeth when it opens its rather cavernous mouth facing the viewer (or do they gum their prey?).

The difference in size between a fish near the front glass and the same fish behind the plane of the coral is appropriate for a close observer with a smaller monitor (aquarium). When the screen diagonal is 55 inches and is observed from 8 feet away, the perspective is like viewing a portrait taken with a wide angle lens from up close.

Page 11 of your Readme.txt alludes to an an eyepoint that has a default value, but no method of changing it is obvious. Is it in some .ini file or registry entry that I can find in my pseudo C drive? I'm guessing that if the -20 were changed to a larger negative number, the difference in front-to-back fish scaling (unavoidable pun, sorry) would be reduced.

If this parameter is accessible, perhaps it would help if you clarified the inherent coordinate frame.


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