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Just so you have a reference.......................

The android version is now working again for me.

There is a problem with the starfish and Harvey, neither one are there

The settings are checked for each but they do not show up, even in wire-frame mode. So they are not there period. This has been posted on the phone reviews by others, so I am assuming it is a known problem at this point and is being worked on.

The new interface looks good to me overall. The choices work well except for maybe the slider for choosing how many of each fish, it is sort of a hit an miss type scenario for getting the number of fish you want, but that's minor.

The description on the eel needs some work tho. They list the size as "< 4.5 inches ", while that's true its also kind of like describing an 18 wheeler as a little bit larger than a car. Average length for the species is ~ 20-24 inches and they can reach 5 feet in length.

I'll look through other items as I get a chance.

Nice to see it working again.
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