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Jim, I've known you all my life...!

Well who'd have thought it? I've been looking at bits of your work ever since I was a kid at school and I never knew it!

The Amiga (all bow) was my life, and Deluxe Paint was the very tool that that started my career as a Graphic Designer. I also own my own computer service centres today as a result of my early contact with computers (Amigas), spiking an interest in a young mind.

All this time I've seen your work too, so in a long winded way you were a tiny part of the whole thing that made me as interested as I am to this day in computers and electronic graphic design.

I caused a stir in the High School Art Dept. when I wanted to compose a large part of my Examination portfolio on, gasp, "A COMPUTER!". Not only that but it wasn't a BBC/Acorn/Archimedes system. Anyway, I only went and did it, and to good review too. Hell they even moved computers into the department as a valid medium.

(Next you'll be telling me you were a dab-hand at OctaMed, the tool that led me to have my own music studio at home and launched another creative branch of my imagination)

So yeah, didn't know that about you until a random Google this morning and a page showed much recognisable artwork from my Amiga days.

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