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Originally posted by Reichart:
Q: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give us blue gravel??

A: We might be able to do this, but we would not let you pick blue…

Ok…that was a joke. Yeah, we might allow sliders for this in the future.  
Wow! Amazing response time!

Actually, I think I'd be perfectly happy with Non-Microsoft blue, whether it be a shade greener or purplier.

Originally posted by Reichart:
Q: Also, I have a 21" display, and when GA is scaled up to fit it full-screen, it makes the fish creepy-big. Could we get a little more control over the scale of the fish?
A: This is possible, but something that probably won’t be worked on for a while longer.

Q: I'd rather NOT have the plants extend to the top of the screen and have the fish end up with a little extra space to swim in and have them be a normal, pet-store size.
A: Hmmmm…  
Uh, oops. What I meant was----all things being equal, if I had to chose between having creepy-big fish and having the background fit perfectly or having pet-store sized fish and having a background that didn't reach all the way to the top of the screen, I'd choose the latter. I honestly don't lose any sleep over the fact that the plants go to the top of the screen.

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