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A Mac User's Wishlist

(This is a cross-post. I already posted it in the Mac GA folder.)

Seeing GA with the blue gravel got me interested in it again. It really is too dreary with the boring brown gravel and brown rocks (even with the plants thrown in!).

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give us blue gravel?? So we don't get all depressed by our fish in their boring brown tank and switch over to Marine Aquarium instead and neglect our little goldfish friends??

Even better would be gravel where we could pick the color (I'm picturing a slider like the color sliders in Photoshop).

Also, I have a 21" display, and when GA is scaled up to fit it full-screen, it makes the fish creepy-big. Could we get a little more control over the scale of the fish? I'd rather NOT have the plants extend to the top of the screen and have the fish end up with a little extra space to swim in and have them be a normal, pet-store size.

Hrm.....y'know, I probably ought to post this in the regular GA forum.
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