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Best I've ever seen

Speaking as someone who had a real 250 gal. saltwater tank for over 7 years, I can tell you that I'd rather have yours! Seriously, I look into every "aquarium" desktop application I run across anywhere, and I've not seen anything that even comes close to yours. It really is amazing, and I agree that if you can just get the word out, people would definitely buy it, and for more than $19.95. Especially if you follow through with the fish behavoirs (schooling, grazing etc.). Hand Feeding is a great idea. As are add-on fish/coral packs. I know I would spend money on them. Your work is so far superior to anything else out there, it would be a crying shame to just let it fall by the wayside. It's almost as good for lowering blood pressure as petting a dog.

Believe me, anyone who used to have a saltwater tank would buy it. The viewing enjoyment is quite comparable, without the incredible expense and anxiety that a real tank entails. (People who still do have real tanks don't have free time for anything but testing, treating & changing water, lighting, etc.) Please don't quit! If you put it out there, I'll buy it and convince every one of my friends and co-workers to do the same! Really!
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