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Originally posted by Vinz Clortho:
I agree with Dale. Probably some other piece of software has altered the file association setting for .sgt files. Uninstalling the software doesn't necessarily reset those settings, and I've not been able to find a fix online. There is a way to do it through the folder options in Windows explorer, but I have no idea how.  
Just as another data point - I too get no bubble sounds or music in MA3. I have checked a half dozen different XP (x32) and Windows 7 (x64) machines and none of them have a file type association set for .sgt files.

I can play .mp3 and other known file types by selecting them in the MA3 config window.

The only Microsoft reference I can find for sgt files states that they are an obsolete component of DirectMusic Producer for DirectX version 8.
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