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Originally posted by garybebee:
single clicked and double clicked it to no avail. i am leaning towards purchasing the cd version and hoping that is a different result. what do you think of that idea? i have been around the horn two or three times on all these suggestions(which i definitely appreciate), but i don't seem to be making any progress. i would rather buy the cd than keep bugging you all!  
I am so confident that the CD version will not fix your problem, that if you buy the CD version and it does fix the problem, I'll reimburse your cost.

On the other hand - perhaps you need to take your computer to some fixit place (or call a Geek or whatever), and offer to pay their fee only if they can make MA3 play the bubbles and CannonGuitar music.

I don't mind taking a lot of time to try to help - but I'm totally convinced that it's "something" that has been installed on your computer, and I have no idea how to figure out "what".
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