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Originally posted by Falz:
DA models are good but the textures are pretty low-res. The GA/MA2 textures are high res, but there's no "zoom" function to be able to appreciate them up closer, and it does make some of them "shimmery".

Realistic fish behaviour and interaction adds so much to this aquarium! They cease looking just like cardboard pieces being moved back and forth. This is what I dreamed about when I first saw MA in action.  
The biggest flaw for me is the very basic colour scheme! It’s practically 80-90% GREEN! Jim's original mock-up of his freshwater tank puts this screensaver to shame.

I wouldn’t use it as my main screensaver for this very reason. DA must come up with a more interesting and vibrant 3d environment for this really to take off like Jim's has.

I guess using the green / black colour scheme really shows off the fish better, but its a bit insipid.
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