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BTW I wasn't worried about the Postman taking the letter as the Windows MA3 makes at least 30 in the time the Postmas collects 24, plus it kept it simple (it was also well past midnight - I was staying up late doing this, so I did the best I could).

I would add I have a 720p 26" TV in my bedroom and it makes an excellent job of displaying 1080i content. It doesn't do 1080p, 24fps or 3D.

If you want 1080p24 look in the Display properties when the TV is connected - ATi, Nvidia and Intel all have pretty good options to control the output to a TV. Then make sure MA3 is set to the correct resolution and you should be fine (although MA3 doesn't seem to have the "use the current mode" option it used to, but I'm assuming all will be well if you choose 1920x1080x32).


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