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Here's a shot of the one I had when I first got it. Lousy shot I know, but it was taken probably some 25+ years ago with a Canon 35mm camera and I had to scan it now.

This was taken when I first got it. I had it for almost 10 years, and when it died it's body was larger than the whole area of it's fins in this shot. The bad part was with it having gotten that large in a smaller tank it's fins were much shorter by then because of room.

But you are right in the personality aspect. It was always one of my favorites of all the ones I had. It and the zebra moray ( bottom of the special creatures page ) were both trained to come up and take food from my hand and I enjoyed them both allot.

I have said over and over recently that I want to set up another tank, probably somewhere around a 180 to 220, and at least have another zebra and try a pinnatus to see how well that would work. I keep putting it off because of other things that need doing. Oh well, maybe some day...........................

In the mean time, Jill liked the bat, I lucked out on that one, and Jim said some time ago that he would try to make me a zebra for his tank for my years of service here. Hope it works.
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