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Originally posted by Jim Sachs:
jedware - Thanks for your support. I'll have to let Prolific answer your question about confirmation emails. I am positive that no PayPal account was created, because we have no way of doing that.  
My recollection, from just purchasing the upgrade this afternoon, is that the purchase process offered to let me pay via PayPal, and (paraphrasing) said it would "transfer me to PayPal where I could create a PayPal account".

I figured I could always back out, so I just plugged on ahead, and was presented with a screen that let me enter my PayPal ID and password - and then pay using that account.

So, the first statement is a BIT misleading, and should probably be fixed to be more clear about what is going to happen if one chooses PayPal as the payment method.

I'll also comment that the PayPal screens were legitimate, but were not exactly like any other PayPal screens I had ever seen (and I've seen several payment menthods using PayPal). For instance (and proof) my browser did not automatically fill in my PayPal ID in the login panel - and it "always" does that on other sites.

No big deals, but I thought they deserved mentioning.
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