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bdwilcox - Though I have nothing to do with Sharks, maybe I can clear up some of the confusion.

When a copy of Sharks is sold and downloaded from the website, the creators of the program (in this case Prolific) get most of the money. When a CD copy is sold from a store, then the store, the distributor, the CD publisher, and a lot of other people take most of the money. If Sharks happens to be bundled with Eric Daniels' Goldfish and my Marine Aquarium, then the profit going to the creators of Sharks is virtually nonexistant.

So, for Prolific to provide a free upgrade to a product which generated almost no revenue might be asking a bit much. Even allowing the CD-buyer to upgrade for $5.95 means that they are basically selling the latest version for $5.95. Things are different for copies sold on the website, and a case can be made for free upgrades, if the revisions did not take too many man-hours.

I'm sure that Prolific will be re-writing the text on their website to eliminate future confusion.

Edit - I see that Morgan beat me to the punch and posted before I did. He says basically the same thing, but his numbers are wildly optimistic (by about a factor of 10).
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