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3.3 works great, some questions...


Long time Mac user of MA here. Love the app.

Had some difficulty running 3.2 on a Mac Mini (Mid 2010 2.4Ghz intelCore Duo, 4GB RAM, Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256MB) running Yosemite (10.10.1)

Installed 3.2 last week, was running fine. Today, I get a blank screen when the App is running (menu bar shows Marine Aquarium running but none of the app windows show?) Do not know what, if anything, changed to induce this - did not install or make changes to the system other than OS updates.

I wanted to completely uninstall but cannot - your uninstall instructions are our of date. Specifically step 2: "Drag /Library/Preferences/com.prolific.ScreenSaver.MarineAquarium3-3.plist to trash"

There is NO com.prolific.ScreenSaver.MarineAquarium.* in /Library/Preferences.

Removing the app and the .saver did not appear to remove the installation. I wonder where you end up storing the .plist file under Yosemite.

Looking for solutions in the forum - I ended up discovering the 3.3 beta - and installed it. Works great!

Still NO com.prolific.ScreenSaver.MarineAquarium.* in /Library/Preferences but 3.3 seems happy - so you appear to be digging the key from somewhere.

Can you please update full removal instructions for OS X 10.10? Or provide an "uninstall" app in the .dmg that does whatever is needed?


M. Divringi
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