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Ok then, more rambling thoughts. Marketing, marketing. Are you listening Prolific? What is the new, not necessarily best thing, happening in TV presently? Is it not 3D??? Game consoles, BlueRay players, PC's all tying into the main TV in the house and projecting 3D programing to it. What better way to show it off your creation with the limited programing now available. I would much rather watch your acquarium program than 3D football occassionally, that is between my viewings of Avatar in 3D. Give the masses something that they can enjoy NOW!

Yes, u r right, your program should not be marketed as a screen saver. That phraseology is outdated. Market it as a program. A program for people who enjoy acquariums by either can't afford a salt water acquarium or care for it properly. Feeding the fish would be a great interactive tool right from the get go.

Jim you talk about Costco, among others, not displaying your programs anymore. Well now they have several 3D displays in each store. Contact Vizio, Costcos favourite supplier of TV's. They started as a one horse upstart company and look at what they are doing. Maybe they would bundle your programs with their 3D DVD players and 3D TV's.

Keep plugging away at Apple and others. How bout the Droid fones? They whole future seems to depend on Smart fones and "do everything" TV's.

Strike while the iron is hot. Think tank this thing out! You are a great artist and certainly a talented programmer but, no offense, it is going to take more than a one-horse operation to make it succeed. Maybe you are burned out in this area, I hope not!

And lastly, for at least the time being , there is discretionary income out there being spent. Electonics and even RV's are doing quite well this year.

Good luck,


Ps. Facebook it, Twitter it, get the word out. Marketing is everything. Even shitty products sell with the proper marketing and you have a great product.
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