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Originally posted by xitrum:
Thanks for contributing to the discussion. Once more users acquire 3DTV and use nVidia 3DTV Play, more people will appreciate what I'm talking about.

To answer your question, yes, I can get MA3 in 3D in 720p if I leave the "Limit frame rate" setting at 60. If I drop the "Limit frame rate" setting to, say, 50, I'd lose the 3D effect.

HDMI 1.4a standard specifies frame-packing of 1080p/24 for movie content and 720p/60 for video game content. But really, it doesn't care/know whether the content is movie or video game. A video game, while not recommended for fps type games, can use 1080p/24.  
So far, since you are the only one with this setup, only you can try certain settings/changes and report back to us, and it sounds like you have.

The part I've bolded in your response should tell all the supposed Techs here all they need to know - when you output in 720p, changing MA3's Limit Frame Rate setting affects whether it shows on your HDTV as either 2D or 3D. Therefore, it would seem reasonable to expect that when outputting in 1080p, setting the frame rate to 24 fps would give you 3D just as it did in the 720p output setting based on the HDMI standard.

A further question for you - are we only talking about when you run the program in "full screen" mode? What happens when you run MA3 in a Window while outputing at either 720p or 1080p?
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