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Originally posted by JohnWho:
Yeah, now that you point it out, I checked my other PC and the file is not there. Drat.

Is a blank playlist that plays CanonGuitar a bug?

@ Jim -

if you would insure that "CanonGuitar.sgt" is installed in the same folder where MA3playlist.lst and MA3logolist.lst is, it would make life easier for folks to "recover" the CanonGuitar.sgt file.  
I don't consider the "blank playlist" thing to be a bug, but only Jim can tell us for sure.

At one time, the presence of a CanonGuitar.sgt actual file was considered to be a bug.

For some (interesting?) historical background, start around post #32 in:

Originally posted by Jim Sachs:
I do seem to recall that in very early versions I was actually copying the file to the computer. Maybe those are still hanging around on some people's computers.

Everyone should just delete CanonGuitar.sgt if found.  
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