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Finallly saved up my pennies and spent my $.99 on this.

Well, actually, I only today got back home where my itunes store login/PW was so I could purchase it.

Looks cool on my iPod iTouch - very much like I'm carrying around my PC with MA version 2.6 almost.

Can't seem to get the crystal and the clock working though.

(Yeah, I know - it's not there, yet.)

Best $.99 I've spent so far on my Itouch. Well, it's also the only $.99 I've spent on Apps for it since the rest of the Apps I've got were all free.

The clarity of the screen on the iTouch is amazing and MA looks great on it. I really like the zoom feature. As long as the aquarium doesn't leak I'm very pleased with it.

to all involved.
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