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The old program used a background picture, while the new one builds a much bigger tank out of 3D objects. That old background picture was 1024x768 - very high-res for the world of 640x480 monitors that were the norm 10 years ago. A few months later, wide-screen monitors began showing up, so I added a 256-pixel patch, bringing the size of the background picture to 1280x1024. I never intended for the widescreen version to be used on narrow monitors. The Anamorphic settings were put in so that the user could adjust the image to make up for differences in monitor frequencies, so that the image covered the whole screen WITHOUT any black areas. I never intended for people to use it for letterboxing the widescreen version onto a narrow monitor. For those who are afraid of burn-in, leaving black areas of the screen would be the quickest way to it.
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