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Originally posted by markknight:
Please let me know if I miss any of your previous questions as I will cut to the chase..

The term "upgrade" may not have been the best and I agree is misleading. MA3 is NOT an "upgrade" to 2.6 it is a complete revision. A true upgrade would have a revision number such as 2.6.1 or 2.7 etc.

MA3 is a standalone product with no ties to any previous version. MA3 will run along side of eariler versions and not disrupt them in any way.

The term "upgrade" was used so that anyone falling into the category of free or lower-priced would lock on to the concept and do so. (Please remember, not everyone in the world is a intelligent as the group here. We had to appeal to the masses and help them understand)
The only common factor is that it should install into the same program folder as anything else SereneScreen.  
Thanks for the verification. I've purchased the "upgrade" and will install it on a few varied systems over the next week or so. I anticipate it will work just fine, but I'll report any glitches, etc.
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