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I've kept regular images using Acronis for many years now. It's saved my bacon more than once. - I would never want to be without it

But!!! - It was a nightmare transferring to Windows7....
Originally posted by cjmaddy:
....that was only the start of my problems...

I have an external hard drive with all my Acronis images and backups on etc.
But this external drive wasn't recognised. - Also I needed to install Acronis.... and that wasn't accepted - it needed an update.... that wouldn't load!

I would say here that when starting with Windows 7 it is essential to have available a computer with an OS you know, and access to the internet!

When I finally got an updated version of Acronis loaded, it didn't recognise any drives!!
Eventually I tried to uninstall Acronis, (numerous times!), - it went through all the apparent steps but repeatedly remained installed!
A re-install over the existing install finally did the trick... and at last I could see all the drives!

It was one long toil of problems, meaningless error messages and frustrations...  
Good luck transferring to Window 7 ... You'll need it!!! .... (And don't even think about Windows 8)....
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