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thanks for all the suggestions guys. i'll start with disabling running apps, then the gadgets. redoing the OS itself is more difficult, and which i'm not thrilled about doing. that will be a last resort. also, i did change the settings in ma3: load 1 of each fish, but no waiting for v-sync (i believe that's default). ma3 video setting is automatic. there is one more possibility we haven't considered: hdmi audio. when i try to exit, the audio continues to play.

dale: you can have as many anti-malware apps as you want but only one active monitor at a time, like one antivirus and one antispyware that has an active monitor (like spyware doctor). the superantispyware version i'm using is the free one which does not have real-time scanning. that's threatfire's job. and comodo handles firewall and av.

update: well, i tried disabling all gadgets (didn't work), i tried disabling all startup apps (didn't work), i tried disabling hdmi audio (didn't work). all those resets for nothing maybe one day i'll get fed up enough to try a reinstall, but not today. does anyone else have an hdtv they can set up like me and try and report back?

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