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Originally posted by JohnWho:
Concur -

try disabling one at a time (re-boot between each) and see if you can find a conflict.  
Uninstalling, with a reboot before testing MA3, would be the best way to "disable" one of these.

But actually, I suspect that uninstalling Boinc and rebooting will fix the problem.

(That's alternative 2).

Alternative 1: (Since not much has been installed on this system - no games, etc. etc.) would be:

Do a fresh install of Windows 7-64. Don't add any other drivers, etc. Let the video just use the Windows 7 stuff to start with.

Install MA3 don't change any options, and see if it works. If it doesn't work correctly (exits properly, etc.), then we know something.

Assuming that MA3 works properly, install the "other stuff" one thing at a time, testing MA3 operation at each stage. For each "thing", make absolutely sure you have the latest program/driver version. In particular, try to check to see if the version is compatible with W7-64.

Perhaps this will identify which program is causing the conflict. If not, you'll have a system that has everything just the way it now is, and MA3 exits properly.

In any case, we will all have learned something. And that whole operation shouldn't take more than a few hours.

I know that sounds like a lot of trouble - but it's probably less trouble and effort than you have spent trying to solve the problem, so far.

[If you have some way to do it, of course doing a complete system backup before doing the fresh (format the hard drive) install of Windows 7, would be an excellent thing to do]
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