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Problems here...Vista 32 Ultimate. All betas have worked successfully until the last two beta 8's...the install appears to run correctly, but fails when I ask for it to be assigned as a screen-saver "MarineAquarium3 Beta8 has stopped working"...same error message I've been getting on the last two beta's. I can run MA3, all versions, from the task bar, and in the windowed mode...but no screen saver function, and the L key is inop, where I could successfully change the logo nothing.

I've removed all traces of MA3, along with 2 and 2.6 (they were still there and working) with add/remove programs (programs and features in Vista), and removed all references to MarineScreen, Serene, etc., in System 32. I THINK I've cleaned everything, emptied recycle bin...shutdown...reboot...attempted to install MA3...same problem "MarineAquarium3 Beta8 has stopped working", but I can still run it from taskbar in windowed mode OK.

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