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Originally posted by rcl66:
Thanks - didn't realize that 3.0 was released.  
Marine Aquarium 3 is available for purchase. It has been for sale for over 1 month now.

I think a lot of people forget that when the Aquarium came out in 2000, there were many permutations -- versions .99D, .99E, .99F, .99G, .99H, .99I, .99J, .99K, and .99L -- before we had a "version 1.0". Back then, nobody seemed to care that there wasn't a "1.0" release. Sales were great. Now, for some reason people are waiting for a "final" 3.0. Why?

Purchase Marine Aquarium 3 at and then if you feel comfortable, download more recent versions here at the Fan Forum. You don't need to use any Installer or Uninstall anything, just drop the Aquarium file into the correct folder (if you need help finding it, please ask!).

You'll get to see features which aren't in the "Installer" version at SereneScreen. However you may also experience a few bugs which will be resolved quickly. You get to be part of the testing process and see things first.

If you would prefer, you can stick with the Installer version at which will see new releases approximately once per month.

To quote someone famous, "Jump on in, the water's fine". And once you buy 3.0, you are good for many future releases of the Aquarium.
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