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Surferminn 03-01-2011 11:51 AM

I noticed at the aquarium I used to be a member of, their eel had these flowerettes that flared out of one set of their noses. Will it have teeth when it opens it's mouth to yawn?

Jim Sachs 03-01-2011 12:15 PM

No teeth - this is Michael's Zebra Moray Eel, chosen largely for its lack of teeth. Not sure you'd be able to see them anyway - the eel is pretty small and far away.

patscarr 03-01-2011 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by Jim Sachs (Post 128791)
It's hard to justify spending time on new features or additions unless sales pick up again.

So, why are you adding this eel now, Jim? Did sales pick up? Are you hoping that adding it will increase sales? You were trapped in the house for a couple days and got really bored? It's a "gift" for us die hard forum members?

Surferminn 03-01-2011 01:09 PM

Pat, if I were you, I'd start saving my money or go see a loan shark. You have some wagers to pay off.

ESHIREY 03-01-2011 01:15 PM


Jav400 03-01-2011 01:32 PM

Well he promised me years ago, ( almost 10 now ) when we were first talking about eels and characteristics that he would try to include a zebra for me. Maybe it's just time for one. :) I had almost given up..........

By the way, thanks Jim. I really appreciate it, even if it isn't directly for me personally. :TU:

Pat, I don't think what he is doing here, is "that" difficult on the over all scale of things, and the cave was created for something to be in there.

My personal opinion is that if he wants to do something that would create/help sales, it would have to be a first creature pack. That would be the difficult thing because every creature has to start from scratch and have separate everything, from vertices, complicated movements, textures, and integrations into the overall program. That would probably be back to months of work again.

Ralph 03-01-2011 04:06 PM

Do we get a test soon?:D

Jim Sachs 03-01-2011 07:24 PM

Pat - I had a few days where the lot was too mushy to get any real work done, so I tackled this relatively easy job.

Michael - Just for you! (For all the grief you've had to put up with all these years) :)

Ralph - It might be a couple more days before a test is ready. I ran into a bit of a snag with my development system. The utility for converting .bmp files to .dds files (DXTEX.exe) no longer works, and I can't figure out why.

ESHIREY 03-01-2011 07:44 PM

That stinks.

Jav400 03-02-2011 08:00 AM


Thanks, it is greatly appreciated. I have always told myself I would have another real aquarium at home. Somewhere around 300 gallons this time, but as usual RL always seems to get in the way. At least now I can have Harvey either way. :TU:

As to "putting up with grief" all these years, for the most part I have always enjoyed being here, and I guess it works both ways; I'm sure I caused some at times as well so I guess it all evens out. That's what family is for, having somewhere to be even in those times............ :)

feldon34 03-02-2011 08:18 AM


When it comes down to the modeling, texturing, and animation, I have never had any doubt. :)

ESHIREY 03-02-2011 10:17 AM

Same here to the both of you.

Jim Sachs 03-02-2011 04:34 PM

Got the eel in the tank and swaying slightly. Still have to do the real animation, but looks pretty good so far.

ESHIREY 03-02-2011 06:36 PM

Now that's good news. Thanks for letting us know buddy.

spetro 03-07-2011 05:52 AM

All Right!!!!!:TU:

Jim Sachs 03-07-2011 01:14 PM

I had to spend several days putting together our corporate tax info for my accountant, so that slowed me down on the eel project.

patscarr 03-07-2011 05:05 PM

Yeah, we filed and sent in our tax returns in last week. We'll be getting a nice big return very soon. :)

ESHIREY 03-07-2011 05:40 PM

We did ours on Feb 17th and got the check in our account on the 4th. Exactly 2 weeks from when we filed.

Surferminn 03-07-2011 05:47 PM

Haven't done mine yet... :|

Jav400 03-07-2011 07:06 PM

Yeah, I got the accountants thing going on as well. I totally understand. :(

But on the other hand, now that I know Harvey is in the works, I am patiently waiting. :) :TU:

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