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claidheamdanns 10-24-2009 10:12 PM

Thanks for the beautiful new addition to the SereneScreen family. I love it so far and can't wait for the updates mentioned :)

You guys are awesome!

liquidarrow 11-01-2009 12:39 PM

Just a few things
I have 3 things I would really like to suggest / hope for, but first a big THANK YOU for making a new one for snow leopard.
1) The main, most prominent piece of coral, is really unappealing to me. It's jagged and harsh and doesn't really suit "serene" at all. The last one had some great coral pieces. Is there a way to bring those back, or is there going to be a way to edit that out? If I could stop the pan action at a spot of my choosing then I could set one monitor to one side of it and the other to the other side so it's not visible.
2) The lighting adjustments are not an option. I am assuming that this is being worked on and just not ready yet. If not please add mine to the side of please do! The lighting set up gave it a dynamic depth that this does not have yet and really a large part of what gave it it's realistic quality and attractiveness.
3) Add one more to the let the starfish climb the walls tally! He had so much personality and I miss him/

I'm very glad about the new things coming that have been mentioned. I really missed this on my computer!

Rob62 11-02-2009 12:30 AM


Regarding your comment(s)

#1 - Information is available at this Post: 4756

Panning, #2 and #3 - Are discussed here: 113665

Hopefully, this will address and/or answer some of your questions.

Welcome aboard liquidarrow! :TU:


~ God Bless ALL ~

JohnWho 11-10-2009 09:03 AM

While V 3 is a "beta", it appears to be a very stable beta and, for the majority of us, it works quite well and impresses others when they see it. Sure, it will be nice as the planned improvements unfold, but for the present it is very functional and somewhat serene or calming, as an aquarium should be, in my opinion.

Every month myself and another person conduct a one hour long "Q & A" session with our local PC User's Group, and I've been running MA 3 on the "big screen" - projected from my notebook PC on what I would guess is a screen at least 15 x 15 feet in size (or larger, since I've not actually measured it) - for the last 2 months as my screen saver.

I'm getting a lot of "ohs" and "ahs" and "I want thats", so I can say without reservation that this screen saver is a winner. I feel certain that many of the members have taken the time to also install and enjoy it.

Of course, I recommend that they buy it to get the additional fish and eliminate the need to type "testfish", so maybe some have.

To all who are working on this, and especially Jim Sachs, keep up the good work, your efforts are appreciated.

Jim Sachs 11-10-2009 11:18 AM

Thanks, Mr. Who!

Jav400 11-10-2009 11:39 AM

I thought he was on first. ;)

ESHIREY 11-11-2009 10:46 AM


Dale 11-11-2009 01:39 PM


Jav400 11-11-2009 04:36 PM

He's on second. ;) :)

JohnWho 11-11-2009 08:19 PM

I don't know.

Jav400 11-11-2009 08:24 PM


PS. Nice join in John. :TU: :)

cjmaddy 11-12-2009 04:54 AM

I decided to sit this one out....... this time! ;)

..... Been there, done that!... :) ... (Somewhere around 2003 I think!)

Jav400 11-12-2009 07:44 AM

Yeah, but the classics never get old. ;)

loub516 11-12-2009 11:41 AM

Who did I say is playing third base?

Wizwad 11-13-2009 06:24 AM


Jav400 11-13-2009 07:20 AM

Who is on first...........

Stop changing the players around

cjmaddy 11-13-2009 03:47 PM

But who was the right fielder?

bullfrog 11-13-2009 04:29 PM

That's a good question, I don't beleive that his name was ever mentioned.


Dale 11-13-2009 06:58 PM


Originally Posted by cjmaddy (Post 116759)
But who was the right fielder?


[Or, in the board game, the right fielder's name is "Nobody"]

Ralph 11-13-2009 10:13 PM

Jim... please, I beg of you... give us a sample fish to dissect soon :D

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