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wheeliegirl 11-07-2017 03:39 PM

Issues with Win 10
If there is anyone here who may be able to help...since the people who sell Goldfish Aquarium no longer answer their tech support questions...

I got a new laptop, windows 10. I installed Goldfish Aquarium and had no major issues. I just noticed that it is missing from my computer, so some recent windows update must have removed it. I re-installed it, and now I am unable to choose which view I have. The only view that will show is the "Zen Bowl".

Other than that it appears to look normal, no "zoom" issues as previously described.

It really is sad that the company that sold this software won't support it, but I guess that's just the way it goes. I think I got my $20 bucks worth since I think I've had it for about 10 years, but they should stop selling it completely if they won't update it to work on newer operating systems. That's basically stealing people's money.


Ralph 11-09-2017 06:58 AM

That.. company... never ever, was responsive to customers. You are quite right to consider it stealing peoples money..

jestrada@prolificpub 01-01-2018 11:05 PM


Recently, we have been updating our back-end, and email system, and discovered that there were some customers that never received a reply from us. Please accept our most sincere apology for messing this up.

We are slowly but constantly attempting to follow up with each and every person that might have felt their message went into the abyss, and indeed we have also responded to an email you sent us a couple of months back (please check your inbox and if it doesn't show up, check your Spam). If you also know of someone that might not have gotten a reply from us, please have them email us directly at

We’re a small company, but we will do our best to get back to anyone we have missed. Thank you (all) for your patience.

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