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Jeremy 12-04-2016 02:50 PM

MA3 Logo Help

I'd like to try to have a moving logo, as in a gif, on the crystal, and I think it can work by displaying a combination of the "MA3" logo and the loaded logos. However, where is the "MA3" logo that appears on the crystal in order to extract it?


Jeremy 12-04-2016 04:09 PM

Sorry, I meant where is the actual crystal located? It is the crystal I need to extract to add an image to it - then by loading the overlapping "loaded logo" image with a variation - it will simulate movement.

Jim Sachs 12-04-2016 11:32 PM

Like all the background elements, the crystal is built into the program in DDS format. If things ever lighten up here I might be able to find a copy in PNG format and post it.

You can have movement on the image in the crystal by loading several images and setting the time to display each one to 0. This will slow down the program, but if you are on a very fast machine it might be acceptable. Make the size of each image as small as possible so they load quickly.

Jeremy 12-05-2016 01:18 AM

Thanks for your reply Jim.
Since you suggested posting the crystal's PNG image does it mean that it can be swapped with the image of the crystal that is there now?
If so then I'll gladly wait for it.

feldon34 12-05-2016 02:33 PM

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I don't see how what Jeremy is asking for is possible without modifying the Aquarium software.

The clock/logo interface allows you to load as many logos as you want, specify their order, and set their display time as short as 1 second. However there is a 1 second crossfade which cannot be disabled. Also the images must be in 32-bit PNG or 2-bit BMP. The Aquarium does not support animated GIF (ie gif89a).

I'm not sure the point of asking for the surrounding crystal graphic. As for the MA3 logo, it's here:

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Jeremy 12-05-2016 05:02 PM

Thanks for you reply.

The reason I'd like to replace the crystal itself with one on which an image has been embedded is so that when I load an image with a variation it will simulate movement - but - the permanent image embedded on the crystal will prevent nothing from being seen on the crystal before the fade-in of the loaded image. As you can see, normally nothing shows on the crystal between images/logos that are now displayed.

Since the crystal is part of the program I also would think it's not replaceable, but Jim indicated that it is replaceable with the image he has of the actual crystal in PNG.

Thank you for the SSLOLO256.PNG that you attached, but it can extracted from the program.

Jim Sachs 12-07-2016 12:06 AM

You're right, Morgan - I forgot I added the fade a few years ago. The transition used to be instant, and I experimented with cel animation on the crystal. It slowed the program to a crawl, because it had to reload each image every time it was displayed.

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