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Ti10app 03-06-2010 10:05 AM

Upgrade difficulty from version 2.0 (CD version) to 3beta
We have a similar issue of upgrading. As elderly pensioners in our seventies, my wife and I are happy users of the current SereneScreen 2.0 (CD version) and decided to upgrade to version 3beta at the suggestion of our nephew. My purchase order is ID #1090797 on Jan 15.

But we could not upgrade and notified your colleague Josh that there was a bug in the program because it asked for a CD to version 3 even though we had our version 2.0 in the CD drive.

With the assistance of my nephew who visited us in late January, screen shots of our registry settings for Marine Aquarium 2.0 and the CD files (with the CD in the drive) were included product code etc..

In the screen saver options, we can choose between version 2.0 or version 3beta. So the software has installed, but none of the settings can be personalised meaning it is not an activated product - because of the glitch mentioned above.

Josh referred us to the upgrade instructions at:

In fact we had already followed them ie. "Please be sure that you have the physical CD you purchased before you upgrade to Marine Aquarium 3.0. You will be required to place the CD into your computer's CD-Drive to complete the registration of the Marine Aquarium 3.0 electronic download."

Whilst we would prefer to see your time is spent on software development on this excellent product, it would be nice of Josh could reply and help us upgrade to enjoy the new features of this software whilst in our ever advancing albeit remaining years! It has been over a month now!



Jim Sachs 03-06-2010 02:50 PM

Send me a Private Message with your info, and I'll help you (Name and email address).

Ti10app 03-09-2010 09:34 AM

Appreciation to Jim Sachs
Just a public note of thanks to Jim Sachs for promptly attending to our problem as described above in tandem with Prolific. The problem has now been resolved and MA3 is now upgraded and installed.

The only thing we miss from version 2.0 is the transition from day and night but we're sure that eventually these will become features in the continual product development of MA3! The aquarium panning is unbelievably smooth although being elderly and living a slow lifestyle these days, we like it on the slowest setting.

Given Jim Sach's personal attention to our upgrade matter, we can fully appreciate why he has devoted his time to creating a fine product of its class (in terms of realism) to such meticulous detail. Thank you again.


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