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James 04-22-2002 06:28 AM

Tell u what, in Chinese, soft shell and hard shell turtle has completely two different names, that's why I assume it has two different name in I know why I can't find any English name for it.

But are u sure about it? since this kind of soft shell turtle isn't really the same as hard shell turtle, its nose is much longer and thinner then hard shell turtle.

and I hate to say this, Chinese ppl like to eat those soft shell turtle as rare food and good for helth(same meaning as some Chinese and Korean eat dog meat), but the just don't eat hard shell turtle. That's why I keep thinking they r actually two type of creatures with close species.

u r correct about their soft shells are susceptible to fungal attacks which demands very high water quality, coz I own a pair of them b4, and they all died becoz I didn't change water very often...:(

IXNAY 04-22-2002 06:43 AM

Yeah a creaturepack, cooooooool :D this Axolotl looks great James :)
Uhm and Jim I had Guppys with many other fishs in my aquarium...
I especially like this ones:
Platinum Mosaic:
AOC (Leopard):

Tiny Turtle 04-22-2002 07:18 AM

James, eating turtles ain't that rare. The first web site I found about Snapping turtles (American) had recepies (sp?) and instructions on how to gut them...

In Swedish there's just one word for turtles and tortoises (which directly translated actually means "shield toad"! :rolleyes:.

hpman77 04-23-2002 04:58 AM


Originally posted by Jim Sachs
Guppies are not usually kept with other types of fish, but I've always liked them and am looking into it. Goldfish and Koi are cold-water fish, and would roast in this tropical tank.
I'm glad to hear about guppies in the tank, as they're very colorful (and small lol)
But I disagree with goldfishes in tropical aquarium. I have about 12 of them swimming happily in a tank at 24-25C and they love it! In fact, they're growing too fast for the tank, and soon some of them will need to be moved to another one...:TU:

hpman77 04-23-2002 05:16 AM

What about some Tritorus (latin name, I don't know the english one, and in spanish they're "Triton" (plural: tritones))

I had some Triturus alpestris and some Triturus vulgaris, and they're way cool! They usually move slowly, but when they see food, they move really fast to catch it. (if you have some, as anfibians (is that the right word in english?) they love to have a place to go outside the water from time to time, but they always keep their skin wet.
What do you think?

Triturus alpestris
Triturus cristatus
Triturus italicus
Triturus vulgaris
Triturus vulgaris meridionalis

Edited: and they can also regenerate lost members, BTW:eek:

Tiny Turtle 04-23-2002 05:20 AM


anfibians (is that the right word in english?)
Close enough, "Amphibians"

Jim Sachs 04-23-2002 08:52 AM

Water-breathing amphibians may show up in the creature-pack for the Freshwater Aquarium. Air-breathing ones will have to wait for the Terrarium. In the Aquariums, I want to avoid critters which have to keep going to the surface for air, since there is no surface.

IXNAY 04-23-2002 12:19 PM

Hey hpman77 these ones are coldwater ones. I have them in my pond too, it's great to look at them, see them swimming and hiding.

Tiny Turtle 04-23-2002 01:14 PM

Jim, couldn't the need to breathe be solved the same way reflections at the sides are eliminated (i.e. allow the salamander or whatever to go half an inch above the end of the screen)?

Just my 2...

/Tiny Suggestion

Jim Sachs 04-23-2002 05:35 PM

Because of perspective, the surface would have to be quite along way above the top of the screen in order not to show towards the rear of the tank It's much better just not to call attention to the fact that there's no top surface.

Tiny Turtle 04-24-2002 12:32 AM

Oh yeah, my mistake.

/Tiny Mistake

Tiny Turtle 04-24-2002 12:39 AM

Soft shelled turtles
James, I've looked a bit at your soft shells and can't really say what species they depict (although the pic with several black ones are a regular turtle species).

In case you want to search more on the web soft shells are known in Latin as "Trionychdae".

/Testudine minor

James 04-24-2002 02:09 AM

Thx Tiny, well but Chinese, hard shell and sof shell are totally two different critter with two different name, and I beleive there's a reason, although hard shell and sof shell looks similar, there r also many differences, soft shell has tapering norse, in fact its head is quite different then those hard shell turtle, and soft shell swims very fast while hard shell turtle swims slowly,and even their habit is different too, soft shell one is more aggressive, I said I own a pair b4, when I try to pick the up on my palm, they won't dodge into thier shell, but bite my fingers instead and that's really hurt, but hard shell turtle is mainly calm and non-aggressive, they'll only hide into shell if they get pick up.

In Chinese, soft shell turtle is very unique in restaurant, with very expensive price, and they often treated as Chinese-Medicine, sometimes the seahorse can also be found in those Chinese-Medicine Shop.

Tiny Turtle 04-24-2002 04:03 AM


...but hard shell turtle is mainly calm and non-aggressive, they'll only hide into shell if they get pick up.
Hehe, you can come by and pick my snapping turtle up any time you feel like it... Currently at 2.2 kg (~4,8 lbs) and a couple of fingers would really make for a nice dinner...


grape_jellyfish 04-24-2002 11:39 AM

I would like to have a freshwater stingray in the tank, didn't know they had them but here are some pictures...

Freshwater rays

Cuoras 04-29-2002 07:33 AM

1 Attachment(s)
The posted Turtles show Pelodiscus (formerly Trionyx) sinensis, aka Chinese Softshell Turtle and the hard shelled: Cuora flavomarginata aka Chinese Box turtle (a rather terrestrial turtle species). P.sinensis is the main Asian Food Turtle and the only species yet commonly bred in large numbers for this purpose, other species are still taken from the wild :-( This species spends most of its time digged in the sandfloor of rivers, only the head is normaly visible.
The best Turtle for a Freshwater Aquarium would acutally be Carettochelys insculpta (from Papua) aka. Pignosed Turtle, a very unique "soft shelled" turtle, which resemble the marine Turtles in nearly every aspect and lives 99% of its live in water.
Tiny Turtle, I agree with you, my 30Kg adult (50cm SCL) Chelydra serpentina Male would be happy with a couple of fingers too, the whole hand wouldn't harm aswell, just ate 2Kg of trout ;)
Here is a pic of a Carettochelys:

Tiny Turtle 04-29-2002 07:40 AM

Neat, Cuoras. How old is your little friend?

That Carettochelys looks awesome. Is it carnivorous?

How large an enclosure do you need for housing him?

Cuoras 04-29-2002 06:24 PM

12 Years
Housed in a 12x5m Pond all year round

Pignose (adult size will be app- 55-60cm):
3 Years
Housed in a 3x1m Aquarium in Winter, Summer: 4x3m Pond
This species is omnivorous, diet consists of 70% plantmatter

Yellow Tang 04-30-2002 02:55 AM

Welcome to another german guy!
Maybe we will see some kind of turtle in one of the future aquariums / creature packages. Jim has made some "serious thougts" about a freshwater sea turtle in the past. May the hope be with you...

Tiny Turtle 04-30-2002 05:05 AM

YT, actually that was a sea turtle, not a freshwater one. A baby Green looked like the most likely, but it was all very loose. Guess we shouldn't pressure Jim more about it though. God knows he has taken on a lot of creatures.

/Tiny (Green) Turtle

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